Urška Rojko



Personal Trainer and a nerd when it comes to female physiology.

Along with food, beauty and clothing industries, FITNESS is one of the top areas where women spend their money. Yet women's "issues" are still underserved by the majority of the fitness industry.


Even though the female fitness industry is rapidly growing, most service models and research are tailored to men. Until relatively recently, most human subjects participating in exercise science research have been men.


Physiological realities such as pregnancy, menopause, hormonal health, the effect of the menstrual cycle on athletic performance, exercise-related incontinence due to pelvic floor disorders are still treated as "special topics".


The thing is, these things are all part of women's lives, but unfortunately they are rarely addressed.


So I know and understand how important female physiology is when you want to achieve the best & long term results. 



Just listen to your body, and you'll be fine.«

Does this sound familiar? 

Women's health, became my main interest while I was pregnant. I observed this ever-growing fitness industry and I admit, I was a bit stunned when I was searching for postnatal and postpartum exercise advice.

There was (and sadly still is) a lot of confusion about training pregnant & postpartum women. A lot of misguidances circulating online, even health and fitness professionals saying:

»Here's a couple of tests to do postpartum, if you don't develop any symptoms, you're good to go!«

Unfortunately, that's not enough...There are so many aspects that come into play. Therefore, individual and 1:1 assessment is crucial!

"I want to help you bridge the gap and lead you to stay strong & healthy!"





I'm doing my best to stay up-to-date with the latest research & training practices, offering you evidence-based information and training.


Personalized approach


I'm a big advocate of a personalized approach. I'm here to help you cut through empty promises and confusing advice, offering you an effective and personalized approach.

You are the focus


I never impose my own goals on a client. I work WITH you! I care not just about you achieving the results, but also about your health and wellbeing. Your achievements are my achievements. So, I don't leave any stone unturned.


Sustainable Practices


We work together to determine realistic, actionable steps to achieve your goals with sane & sustainable nutrition and training. Long term results are what we're looking for.

"My clients deserve high quality support."


Personal trainer (FZS)

Certificate on Pre&Postnatal Coaching

Certificate on Women's Exercise Coaching

Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

Course certificate: Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding by Maya Adam, MD

Course certificate: Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Course certificates: Safe exercise during pregnancy by Section of physiotherapists for Women's Health



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