Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, both in the "general" population as well as in postpartum women. Exercising after delivery has numerous benefits on your physical as well as mental wellbeing.

I've already written a blog post on how to start, so go ahead and check it out here.

However, there is still a lot of confusion about training postpartum women.

A lot of misguidances circulating online even health and fitness professionals saying:

»Here's a couple of tests to do postpartum if you don't have any symptoms with this, you're good to go!«

Unfortunately, that's not enough...and it's not right...

» Just listen to your body, and you'll be fine? «

Does this sound familiar?

So many times we tend to hear what's normal in the postpartum period and some many times women are told things will resolve in time on its own (even by the doctors). They are told to keep pushing through, that it will get better or that that's just how your body is going to be now...

While I'm not saying not to trust your body, that's not what is about...

But, the questions that arise there are:

Do you know how to listen to your body?

And most importantly do you know what to listen to?

What's normal, what's not...?

Let me give you an example...

Leaking urine, even just a small amount...whether you cough or sneeze or - is - not - normal!

If you're not aware that's something that shouldn't be happening, how do you know what to listen to?

There are so many aspects that come into play. Moreover, some postpartum issues can be prolapse. Therefore, individual and 1:1 assessment is essential!

You have to be aware of what's going on in your body, to know what to listen to.

for postpartum women it's advisable to seek out a fitness professional before starting with an exercise...and find the one who has up-to-date training on postpartum women so that they can help guide you on what to look out for and what you shouldn't be dealing with.

Let me know, is this something you heard when you started working out?