The decision to start a blog and step in nutrition& fitness industry was not easy for me... Not just because I have a master in the entirely different field, which took away literally 6years of my life😳🤷🏻‍♀️ (yea, well...that's a whole other story😂)... but because I know how rough can this industry be for women and what it takes to be “heard” on social media #selfiesaresonotmything🙈... besides that, see how contagious the effect of social media can be...

Aspiring fitness model has become an extremely common side job.

Fitness clubs are more flooded with people taking mirror selfies than actually working out. There is NO CONTROL with social media; no governing body ensuring that BAD INFO is weeded out.

People can literally say whatever they want, and if they have large enough followers, people will take their word for the truth...

On the other hand, a lot of knowledgable health and fitness professionals out there lack followers as they are less interested in playing the game, and more interested in the quality of their work and their reputation.

POPULARITY doesn’t mean someone KNOWS what they are talking about! As likes and followers don’t validate a person’s word.

What is more, there is a lot of under-qualified yet over-promoted trainers or self-appointed social media ‘’gurus’’, who are spreading misleading and often dangerous information to the masses... taking advantage of misinformed women.

I see girls with X-k followers becoming pregnant and giving FALSE advice to pregnant & postpartum moms... and I see all of those online postpartum programs crashing down the internet...

What’s about online programs...?

They are the perfect marketing product to earn money.

1. Cheaper than an hour of personal training

2. More affordable to a wide range of people

3. Which, as PT allows you to make money with less effort

4. People will probably get results-because most of those kinds of people who are buying these kinds of things are usually the ones that were not so active prior

5. They will spread out the word, show results&that is marketing they want ...

The problem...?

The SAME program is spread to X-k of help-seeking women. Think!

  • In addition to differences in health & physical limitations...

  • Every single one of us was active in her own way: before, during, after pregnancy!

  • Every one of us had a different birth experience

  • Every one of us faced postpartum situation differently

As a knowledgable personal trainer I know, that every one of my clients is a unique chapter for themselves...

Besides, giving someone the instructions on how to perform the exercise correctly & standing BESIDE them...doesn't help sometimes. I have to provide you a cue based on my observations...then at xy attempt, the form starts to improve.


Sure. You’re exercising now, you’ve changed your diet...of course, this would happen! Whether you perform exercises correctly or you don’’ve probably dropped water and a bit of body fat ...because you’re in a caloric’s is expected!


Pregnancy does not affect every woman in the same way. Sometimes there are also long-term health concerns that might flare-up or affect somebody's needs or limits in terms of physical activity during pregnancy.

Postpartum women are fragile population, and they require special treatment and a different mindset. Women are constantly being fed false information, and have minimal access to positive and knowledgeable people in the health and fitness community. There are few examples of authentic women working out and giving nutrition advice in a way that will actually help women achieve their goals in the LONG TERM.

It is important to emphasize that I really don’t want to offend no one’s work...what I wrote is just my opinion and my thoughts.

I know information like those don’t sound very positive, and what is more, I’m not trying to be the “miss expert know it all”, but I would really like those “misinformed women” to think about it and see the truth!

On the other hand, talking about Instagram...I think it can be an excellent network to connect with people and read some VERY GOOD & educational things too!:)

Till next time...;)