I believe everything happens for a reason. While some of us are hit by COVID19 more, some less. It important for us who got stuck at home to soak up the moments we have becouse others might not be so fortunate.

Before this apocalyptic moment, the sentence “I don’t have time.” was oftentimes misused. There you have it! You have plenty of time now! ;)

So productive! Here are some suggestions:

Learn new recipes

This might be the time to try recipes that would normally take too long for your busy life or try the ones that you know will benefit you later when you get back to work (think of meal prep ideas). My favorite site to look up to for recipes is Pinterest. You can easily type in “easy recipes”, “meal prep”, etc. or search for the ones on Instagram by hashtag.

Home workouts

Seems like everyone is either cooking or working out. However, just for a reminder for those of you who got stuck in your couch...

”Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” and vice versa ;)).

Check out our last video for advanced lifters on @teamrojko.

-Ali pa poglej na stran Fabrike tukaj.

Get organized

Take a look at your closet, junk drawer, home desk, bookshelf...Do any of these need some love? Get it done!

Home repairs/maintenance

Do you have a "Honey-to do" list? I have a long list :)). While your significant other might be stuck with you at home, he/she won't have any excuse of "not having a time" or "being exhausted". Don't have a partner? No prob, you're a're a multitasking human being, we get thing done by ourselves too! Bring up the tools & plans!

Take a nap

We are a generation with sleep issues. I’ve just bought a book to dig a bit deeper on that topic. Sleep affects our overall health, including our hormones and immune system. There are many possible reasons for sleeplessness, including your sleeping habits, lifestyle choices, and medical conditions. Some causes are minor and may improve with self-care, while others may require you to seek medical attention. So consider taking a nap. This may be just what you need to re-charge for the rest of your day.

Need some "me time"? Have a craft day with kids

Do you have a bunch of craft supplies laying around? Kids love crafts! These are the perfect rainy day activities for while you are social distancing. I absolutely love these: @storiesofplay by Jules, @play_at_home_mummy by Emma, @happytoddlerplaytime by Mandisa, @zaras_play_tribe by Zara , by Anja in @ntc_slovenija.

Listen to a new podcast

I love listening to podcasts while cooking and folding. There is literally a podcast for everything. This might be a great time to check out a new one or spend some time on the ones you've missed. You can download an app for iOs here . Here's the list of the ones you might like.

Also, TEDx Talks have a variety of great, inspirational, motivational and educational talks by different experts.


If you are anything like me, you probably have an inbox full of COVID19 updates. That’s why you don’t see any COVID post on my feed. I don’t listen to the news cuz it's just too much for me. however, what I was trying to say is that you might consider unsubscribing, unfollowing the sites, pages, brands that don’t serve you.

If you’re outside of the EU you might consider using “Unroll Me”.It’s much easier and more hassle-free than clicking each email individually.

Apple’s native Mail app for iPhone and iPad also offers automatic newsletters and marketing email detection so you can unsubscribe without having to look for a specific link. If this option is available, it will show up at the top of an email when you’ve opened it.

You can also find new people to follow during this time. Let me know if you would like me to make a list of the ones I like to follow.

Have you considered subscribing to my Newsletter?

I'm dropping in with valuable content created with YOU in mind because no one likes getting spam, am I right?


Leave reviews

If you have means, time or energy, showing up for your fellow business owners, favorite brands even in small ways can be mountain-moving in the long run. As the owners of service based businesses we certainly suffer from people staying at home and appreciate every well-intended feedback, move people make for us.

The last and most important...

Practice gratitude

Research on gratitude has shown that it just might be the single most powerful method for increasing our well-being. Although we often consider being grateful for good things, we often forget that “bad things” that happened to us are the golden nuggets of wisdom. While we might tear ourselves deep into the ground because of the experience itself, we can appreciate the new perspectives and possibilities it opens up for us. Times of crisis teach us how to lean on others for support, even if it’s originally out of desperation.

Consider join Mayo Clinic Health System for a 4 week virtual program from March 30 to May 1 to help you improve your mental well-being through daily journaling.

That's it. I hope I've packed you with resources along the way. Stay safe & healthy!

Till next time...